Common housee foundations

When it comes to building your dream home people often forget about one of the most crucial parts and that is the foundation of your home. The primary purpose of a foundation is to carry the load of the house, a foundation that is well designed and thought out will keep the home standing and help protect those inside through various perils (earthquakes, floods, severe winds etc.)


Poured Concrete Slab

This a slab of concrete that is 8 inches thick, flat section of concrete that is poured using wood forms. The wood forms act as a barrier to keep the concrete in place until it is dry. These slabs often contain rebar wired together to help reinforce the integrity of the poured concrete slab.


Slab on grade

This is a heavy duty concrete slab with footings dug into the ground under the slab. With the added footings, they will help disperse the weight throughout the slab. Just like poured concrete slabs, slab on grade is reinforced with rebar wired together. Once the concrete is dry, builders will then build concrete walls on top to create a basement or start framing directly on top of the slab.


Crawl Space

A crawl space is a foundation that has short walls along the perimeter as well as footings underneath the home. This creates a space between the home and the ground, this foundation helps keep moisture build up. 

When deciding the type of foundation you pick for your home keep in mind the needs of your site as well as your budget. That’s why it is important to meet with your builder to discuss your lot and its needs.