Welcome to True North Homes, where craftsmanship meets creativity, and dreams find their address.

Our mission

True North Homes (TNH) is a full hands-on speculative and custom home builder. While the TNH company is relatively new, the team has 15+ years of combined experience in custom home building, contracting, remodeling, and design. TNH is ready to help you build the home of your dreams.

The group prides itself on being truly involved in all stages of the building process – from idea generation and architectural renders to construction and tile selection. TNH is the ultimate hands-on builder and seeks to optimize every square inch of the floor plan to insure there is no wasted space or opportunity foregone.

Featured Homes

261 E. Hazel BLvd

Tulsa, Oklahoma

6222 pepper jade loop

Owasso, OK

109 N. 75th St

Broken Arrow, OK

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Luxury custom Homes

We pride ourselves on being involved in every stage of the custom home building process. We will be your guide along every stage of creating your dream home.



You are our inspiration! Share with us all your ideas, inspirations, favorite colors, materials, and non-negotiables. The more information, the better.



Our team of home specialists gathers all the information you provide to create a detailed plan for building your dream home. We work within your desired timeline and check in with you throughout the process.



Even when construction is complete, our job isn’t done. We conduct a final appraisal to ensure every detail matches our state-of-the-art standards. Once everything is in place, we hand you the keys to the custom home of your dreams.

Commonly asked questions

The decision of how involved you can be in the process is  completely in your hands. We are glad to work with clients that want to oversee every step of the way. We also have vast experience with clients that gave us a rough idea of what they wanted and trusted us with all the small details. We deliver both ways. 

Yes, you can see our past built homes here.

True North Homes is a luxury custom home builder, therefore prices will vary depending on the necessities of each project. However, we usually build five hundred thousand until one million dollar homes in Tulsa, Oklahoma.

Our team works closely with the Compass Title Company team to ensure you have a seamless experience from beginning the building process to closing. Compass Title can be reached at (918) 925-9111

What We Do:


At True North Homes your are our inspiration. You tell us your ideas, inspirations, favorite colors, favorite materials, non-negotiables, every small detail that would make a house your dream home! The more information the better.


Our team of home specialist gather all of the information you give us and use it to create a plan to build your dream home in the timeline that you desire. We will check in with you throughout the process to make sure everything goes to your plan.


Even when construction is done our job is still not. We conduct a final appraisal of the property to make sure that every detail is exactly as it should be and matches our state of the art standards. Once all boxes are checked we hand you the keys to the custom home of your dreams.

Building your custom home Dreams